What do ZOӦN workflows look like?

On top of the core functionality we will be developing some features that will help users to learn, utilise and develop ZOӦN. The first is an overview that displays the contents of your workflow.

This is just a sketch which isn’t integrated yet, but its shows what modules you have included, and whether they are in a ‘list’ or a ‘chain’. All being well, your workflow would look something like this…


All the modules are blue, and so are found in the module repository. If they aren’t the overview will look like this…


The modules not found (misspelling or not submitted) will then appear in red. A list of these modules is given at the bottom of the overview.

As you can see the ‘lists’ look different from ‘chains’ because they are different (see Tim’s post in week 5). In the above workflow there is one list and 3 chains.

Lists create separate arms of the workflow that run in parallel for each item in a list, e.g. running the same workflow for lots of species, or lots of models. Whereas chains include multiple items in one workflow, i.e. you want to outputs a map, create a set of predictions and run some diagnostics. You can have as many chains as you like, i.e. combine some data, run sequential models, or run lots of processes on your data. But you can include only 1 list per workflow.

In the workflow overview you will be alerted to this as the 2nd List will appear darker and look like this…


The next step is tidy this up and integrate it into the ZOӦN package. Then we may include different options and more information, and work on the aesthetics.


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