Week one progress


My name is Tim Lucas. I am the intern tasked with building a prototype package for zoon.



The week has been large setting things up and getting a bit more familiar with the project. We now have a github account.

The sketch that Greg originally wrote to show some of the ideas of zoon has now been turned into a package. To install the package:

    # install devtools
    # install and load zoon from github

I have split the code into two repos. The package and a repo with the modules in it. This repository of modules may well be migrated to figshare or a bespoke repository at a later date. But now that they are separated this will just involve changing some urls in the package, rather than rewriting functions in the package.

I have made some broad housekeeping decisions. The code style is from the google style guide except that documentation is being written using roxygen2, meaning the style of function descriptions differs slightly from the google style (description goes above the function name, rather than inside the function).

I have set up the package so that vignettes are written in markdown and uses knitr to run R code blocks. This means the vignette will be recompiled whenever the package is built and I think the accuracy of the vignette will be tested with R CMD check. The html vignette is then found in the package tarball only; it is not copied into the package source directory. But installing the package from github should I think compile the vignette so there is no problem with that.

I’ve started thinking about the workflows people might use, and have sat down with one person to find out what they do/need.


Work to do:

Next week I will start writing module wrappers for some of the common SDM models/outputs/data collection functions.

I am currently working on how the reproducibility of the package works. I have opened an issue, which is the best place to discuss this. In short I am not sure quite what is wanted from the reproducible script that the zoon function currently outputs.

I think that’s about it for now.


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