What is ZOON?

zoonZOON is an R package for Species Distribution Modelling* that allows you to develop your analysis as a reproducible workflow composed of 5 modules (species occurrence data, covariate data, pre-processing, the model  and the output). Multiple modules can be used in each stage of your analysis.

ZOON is on CRAN: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/zoon/index.html


The latest version can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/zoonproject


Whether you just getting started in Species Distribution Modelling*, or a very experienced scientist or scientific software engineer, ZOON offers a better way to develop our science. Modules are bite sized chunks of code that piece together in a whole workflow. See the tutorials for more details.

icon workflow

Modelling isn’t always easy, but it could be easier. The core goal of ZOON is to reduce the technical overheads of creating and publishing code and data resources that are shareable, modifiable and reproducible. In doing so, we hope that the interactions amongst the scientific community can become more productive. There are lots of modelling techniques and software available**. ZOON can use all of the resources available in R.

ZOON offers many benefits to individual scientists, such as increasing the accessibility, usability and quality of your work. The whole community could benefit by developing a more agile and usable science. For instance, a core goal of ZOON is to develop community contributed modelling benchmarks that anyone can use. Despite some amazing pieces of work being available to read  we cannot always access the data and code. This stifles progress.

* Species Distribution Modelling has many related names with subtle differences and many similarities such as Ecological or Environmental Niche Modelling, Bio-climate Modelling, Habitat Suitability Modelling, Resource Selection Modelling, Climate Envelope Modelling, Climate Affinity Modelling…

** MaxEnt, R, BioMod, OpenModeller, ModEco, GARP, BioMapper, Canoco,Winbugs, OpenBugs, Domain, ANN, AquaMaps, BioClim, BRT, CSM, CTA, ENFA, Envelope Score, Env Distance, GA, GAM, GBM, Dismo, Glm, GLS, Mahalanobis Distance, MARS, Random Forests, Species, HyperNiche, SRE,SVM , Graf, INLA, BayesComm…


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